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Tim Quigley

Tim Quigley

Tim Quigley, Owner

Tim began working with clients on estate sales while working for an attorney’s firm that specialized in Bankruptcies and foreclosure defense. Estate sales were recommended as a viable cash flow solution to clients having any sort of financial difficulties. Overseeing them for clients as a normal part of the attorney assistance process, the need for professional estate sales in order to help a client re-establish financial stability was obvious but the lack of quality professional services designed to provide this specific need was not. From this, Mr. Quigley went on to open his own company specializing in estate sales and liquidations for commercial businesses employing the highest standards possible. His background and qualities along with his staff's experience in appraisal, antiques and collectable sales and auctions make them the company of choice for your next estate sale or liquidation. Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Serving the San Antonio and surrounding areas with estate sale preparation and liquidation. 

We are the leading Estate Sale company in the San Antonio, Texas area. Our client lists are not just individuals but also we work with churches, charities, bankruptcy attorneys, banks, trust departments, museums, insurance companies and asset managers who need and trust in our services and expertise. We advise and council our clients concerning a wide range of needs concerning how to best dispose of their valuable items from furnishings to jewelry to real property and autos and collectables. Many people spend a lifetime collecting and investing in their personal belongings but the toughest part always comes at the point where it’s needed to part with these items. Depending on the circumstances, this can be costly and emotionally difficult. That’s where we come in.

From the time you decide to hire us for your estate sale, we step in to take the pressure off of you and begin the process of moving things forward. You will meet with us to determine what items are to be sold, where the sale will be held and when. From there, we document the inventory of items and begin to research values for them at what we think they can be resold at. We then review what we anticipate to be the outcome with the client and start the process of displaying, arranging and pricing the various items. If some are to be removed for online auction or direct resale, that is done. The rest will be placed into a 2-3 day sale that liquidates the remaining items and any final unsold items can be given to charity donation.


Some of our services


Technical Support

You will always be in contact with us throughout the process. We handle all the marketing, inquiries and negotiation with buyers.

Minimum Down Time

We strive to do our estate sales with a minimum of fuss and disturbance to the seller. This means less interruption to you and quick turnaround for your proceeds.

Antique Appraisals

Opinions of Value provided. In conjunction with KLRN tv station consulting, providing appraisals for collectibles and antiques.

Reputation and Reliability.

Having been in the antiques, collectables and estate sales business for over 30 years, we bring that knowledge to your sale.

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