There is a one-time fee of $395 due at the time of contract to cover the costs of sales staff and advertising that must be done for your sale. But that is all it will cost. The rest comes from the sales split.

One of the things we do for our clients is to also provide at no additional charge a walkthrough video of the sale. This is generally about 6 minutes in length and greatly helps clients understand the contents, where it is located in the home and additional information is often contained in the narration.  No other estate sale company goes this far to market the sale for their clients and it is hugely effective.

All contents of the property at the time of the contract being signed must be included in the sale. We do not allow clients to remove items or sell items outside of the sale or to be given to relatives or friends once the contract has been signed We also do not allow substitutions of items at the sale. This is to keep integrity of the sale for the buyers. We take pictures and video of the home contents to document the items for sale and post them on websites and our buyers expect those items to be there for the sale. Unlike other companies, we do not pre-sell items or set items aside for special purchase by buyers. We want all items to be equally available to all buyers and appreciate the client’s understanding.

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