Negotiations With Buyers



Is what it’s all about with running a successful estate sale for you.
We do the following:
1)      We run a 3 Day Sale for your estate sale over which we have a systematic price reduction in effect that allows buyers to decide when to buy
2)      The first day is always FULL PRICE as marked
3)      The second day is 30% OFF Full PRICE
4)      The third day is 50% OFF or make an offer pricing

This creates buying leverage for you as buyers must decide if the possibility to wait on a purchase outweighs the possibility the item may not be there the next day.

Our sales staff is available all 3 days to assist buyers to make decisions and help them select their items.

Our goal is to sell as much as possible at the highest prices. We are also committed to clearing the house of as much as possible. Usually, the owner does not want to pay for moving or storing items left over from the sale. So the 3rd  Day of the sale is geared for meeting those goals.

We will negotiate on the spot with buyers in order to allow them a fair deal and clear the house for the owner.
In fact, its not unusual to actually hold a mini-auction between 2 buyers for the same item with the high bidder taking home the item. Our clients love this facet of our sales and prices go up as a result.