Protect The Sale


We take numerous steps to protect your sale:
1)      Throughout the property, we mark with fluorescent markers and signage areas where buyers must use caution while shopping and walking
2)      Instructions are present in all areas that if items are broken while shopping, purchase will be required
3)      Signage clearly tells shoppers they release the owner and the company in any liability from injury while on your property
4)      That if they have a question, they are to ask a staff member to help them.
5)      Notices are present stating ALL SALES ARE FINAL meaning there are no refunds allowed.
6)      Credit cards and checks are accepted for payment and we clear those funds for the seller.
7)      Sales tax is collected at the time of your sale and paid to the State of Texas on your behalf.
Protecting your sale is fundamental to the process. Protecting your buyers is also. We take the necessary steps to oversee that occurs so you can move forward.